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5 hours ago, AndyC said:


Just a quick question regarding features....

Is it better to use the Product Features tab or is it any better to have it on the product page ...Or even on both


Well, I supose it depends on what kind of features/product you're showing. If they are only extra information, the tab is ok, but maybe you have any kind of product that looks better if add something like icons with their features values near the resume/buy button.

There are some addons for this in Codecanyon and PS addons, maybe here in the TB marketplace too, I'm not sure.

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I was just talking about the features tab when adding new products .With things like width , length etc..

I only as because all my products on google search have warnings because I don't have info showing.90% of it is on my website already..For example I have the Full rewvs module ..I think there are only a few missing for the global identifier.Obviously descriptions are there etc




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