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Can someone enlighten me on the logic of hooks?



First of all, I love the new HTML block module in version 1.1 of TB.  It helped me get rid of so many modules.  Love it.

I also noticed in 1.1 that instead of uninstalling modules, it suggests to disable them instead.

However, not for all modules but for a lot of them, granted most are prestashop modules, even if they are disabled, their hooks still appear to do something.

For example, I had a category module for my homepage.  It has a hook in home.  It is disabled but still loads the images on the page, even though we do not see them!  So I had to go ahead and unhook it from home so that it does not load useless content.  What is the logic there?  If the module is disabled, why does its hook is still active?

Also, I notice that a lot of modules have hooks everywhere, even modules who do not appear visually on the front end.  I assume those in footers and headers are to load some javascript.  But some of the positions for the rest do not make any sense.  How can we determine what is safe to unhook and what is not?

Thank you!

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1 minute ago, piet said:

Hi Christian,


Good question. I don't have the answer but I'm curious too.

Did you refresh your cash after disabeling the modules or isn't that necessary?


Best regards,


Every time I make a change, I try to refresh the cache.  Or I set it to force recompile (with cache off) if I am doing a lot of tweaks - and I disable all the other means of caching: CCC, system cache, full page cache, etc.

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