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"Access denied" from this panel: AdminAccess, AdminTabs, AdminEmployees

Guido Buldrighini


Hi, I recently migrated an ecommerce from prestashop to thirtybees 1.0.8 using the migration module recommended by you:
The whole migration and import was successful.
The only problem is that I no longer risk accessing the sections:
- index.php?controller=AdminAccess&token=f1824d41565b1e39b224af7b4f8cb073
- index.php?controller=AdminTabs&token=f1824d41565b1e39b224af7b4f8cb073
- index.php?controller=AdminEmployees&token=f1824d41565b1e39b224af7b4f8cb073 
getting the error reported in the screenshots.
I also checked the ps_access table but I didn't find any problems.
I also imported the ps_access table from another clean installation of thirtybees but I still get the same result.
Do you have any idea what might have happened?

Schermata del 2019-09-09 11-35-35.png

Schermata del 2019-09-09 11-41-00.png

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Thank you very much @musicmaster, I solved, you gave me the opportunity to better understand the problem.
I checked the ps_tab table and actually the tabs:
- AdminAccess
- AdminTabs
- AdminEmployees
for some strange reason they were no longer present.
In this way I added them by hand via database and now they are again present in the menù and accessible through the control panel.

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