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here is the beta version of a new module for homepage, based on default TB home page slider, so you'll find the place to upload images and configuration in the BO like the other one but this one use Jquery VEGAS SlideSHOW


This is first version, it needs improvement to add more options and being able to choose the place where to show it, it can be real background slides or just a FULL screen, or full minus header, etc..

Please give comments if you have some .




Edited by zen
file archive is updated and working
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Thank you for the contribution.

Unfortunately, the module can't be installed, as there is some syntax error:

syntax error, unexpected ')' in file modules/vegasslider/vegasslider.php at line 292

When I fixed that, I got another errors when I tried to save the module settings:

Call to undefined method VegasSlider::clearCache() in file modules/vegasslider/vegasslider.php at line 411

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