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Multiple Values for a Feature Module: Module Creator would like to Donate the module to TB! Can TB project owners please assist?

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I've reached out to the creator of the Advanced Features Values module (multiple values for a feature), J茅r么me Danthinne, to see if he'd like to donate this module to the ThirtyBees project.
He has come back to me and said he is willing! 馃檪馃檪
His module has great features and is compatible with ThirtyBees! - Initially written for PS 1.5 / 1.6

Please may I ask the ThirtyBees Project Owners to take it from here?

Link to module:

Link to donation request:

Link to thread about Advanced Features Module on Thirty Bees:

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I've heard back from one of the TB developers. They are a bit swamped at the moment, and will contact you when they're ready. Could be a while though - weeks to months.
Thought I'd mention. Thanks again 馃檪

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