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[Answered] Please help: Add FileManager link to Admin Menu / Access FileManager directly?




Is there a way to access the FileManager directly, i.e. add a link to it in the Admin Menu?
I know you can access it through a CMS page, but this feels like an unnecessary run around. Is there a more direct way?

I tried creating an Admin Menu item, but not sure what the class is and I'm getting Controller not found...


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On 10/5/2019 at 2:21 PM, Traumflug said:

File manager isn't a back office controller, so it can't get put into a menu item.

However, wherever one can edit page content, the editor for this field has a button to open this file manager.

Thanks for clarifying. Would be cool to have this separate in the future though (not that it's a big one, just a nice to have).
Will instruct our users to access it through a CMS page in the meantime. Thanks

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