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ERROR : "Invalid transaction."



Hi. I have installed Thirty Bees and used all the recommenced settings. I have installed the Paylike payment module, disabled all other payment modules for now, turned of caching for now including page cache for testing purposes, and in test mode I can see test payments being accepted with the large green tick sign appearing on the TB site and see the transaction recorded in the account dashboard on the Paylike site (https://paylike.io/).

However,  after a few seconds on my Thirty Bees ecommerce site I get the message in a pale purple box:

"Unfortunately, an error occurred while processing the transaction.

ERROR : "Invalid transaction."

Your order cannot be created. If you think this is an error, feel free to contact our customer support team"

Checking the logs I see:

ID Employee       Message       Object type       Object ID         Error code            Date
1 --        Invalid transaction.                 0               0x 0

             2019-10-17 16:17:21

I have checked the database for errors, run check database and run repair database, played with various settings all to no avail. The payment gets made but the order fails and is not recorded in TB.

Any ideas on how to rectify this gratefully received, thank you.

Just to update. I have installed the Stripe payment plugin and in test mode this works, payment gets accepted and the order appears in Orders. So it appears the problem lies within the Paylike plugin.

One other problem or bug, on the 4th part or Shipping section of the customer order processing form, the " I agree to the terms of service and will adhere to them unconditionally. (Read the Terms of Service). " does not have a check box and simply by clicking at the front the "I" you can get it to accept the Terms and Conditions, is this is a browser compatibility issue? (using FireFox developer edition)

Thank you.

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Problem now solved!

The problem was the app key in the Paylike module settings.

In the customer dashboard at Paylike you have to generate that app key, I had actually copied and pasted the the ID as I could only see the public key (so that gets pasted into the public key in TB Paylike module) and an ID which looked like a key as it was a long number. This is incorrect, you have to click on Apps Create generate an app key, this was not obvious to me and first blush and I had copied and pasted an ID. There is no guide tips in the dashboard so you have to find your feet yourself.

So, if you use the Paylike payment module make sure you copy and paste:

1) The Public key in Customer Dashboard at Paylike to Public key in TB Paylike module

2) Generate an App Key in Paylike Customer Dashboard and paste to app key in TB Paylike module

I might add the Paylike payment module works really well and at 1.4% transaction charge and no set up or monthly recurring charges seems a good deal.

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Hi there done all that and made sure they correct , but I am still getting no orders coming though ,although they seem to be showing on my Paylike dashboard with my 2 test orders

But this is exactly the thing I have been looking for as you still have your website showing behind and not taken to another page for eg paypal


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