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Sub-Category Images Don't Appear Front End




So, I am trying to re-add some sub-category images (I stupidly deleted some that were in there already) but they don't appear on the front end of the website. They are there in the back office when I upload. What could be the reason for this please? I tried regenerating images and this has not worked. Cleared browser etc.

Categories and Products are ticked in Preferences / Images

What causes this to happen? Thanks in advance.

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20 hours ago, SLiCK_303 said:

look just like you uploaded the wrong image or something.  instead of uploading the image via ftp or something. have you tried to simply edit the product, delete the bad image/s there and upload a new pic?

Hey Slick


Sorry I disappeared off the radar yesterday afternoon and evening. Today I'm having a 'mare with the internet and pages not loading, or loading very slow -frustrating to say the least. Anyway, I am adding the images via the backend in categories - overnight however, two of the images I uploaded that didn't show yesterday even after clearing my browser - they now appear! I am adding the images that are missing in the categories and hope perhaps the same thing happens again - that they just re-appear.

It's not the product images that are the issue - it's the sub-category images - so I'll just see if they magically re-appear again in a few hours or something.


Thanks . ;)

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