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I have the problem that my logo keeps being deleted. I have uploaded it many times but usually it disappears after a few hours. 

The file - with a name like mysite-logo-1546274668.jpg - matches the template name {$logo_url}. 

I solved it for the website by hard coding another url in header.tpl. However, the pdf files are harder to solve in a neat way. They want a local path from the root of the harddisk - not an url - and I can't find a template variable that provides that. I tried replacing the extension in the filename but it looks like there is some check for the existence of the file. So {$logo_path} - as it is called in the pdfs - is empty when the image isn't there.

So my questions are:

 - what could be deleting my logo?

 - how can I refer to images in the pdf header?

I am running Panda 1.5.2 (the latest version) on the bleeding edge of two weeks ago.


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I recently investigated such an installation and found that some files simply get deleted. This is what the hoster wrote:

"Unfortunately, these files are deleted because our Firewall system consider them as suspicious. To my regret, they cannot be whitelisted. It is necessary to check these files and change the script."

Notably, deleted files in question weren't uploaded directly through the network, but as a ZIP (module) package, so it's certainly not a firewall issue. Unpacking the ZIP resulted in 2 or 3 of the files missing, all others unpacked fine.

I simply see no other choice than to turn off this "firewall", or if this is no option, to change hosting. If a hoster deletes files without telling the exact rules by which this is done, there is no chance to build a reliable system.

That said, in the investigated case it worked to upload logos from another device. Uploaded from a desktop PC in the U.S. deleted the file, upload from a PC in the EU, or from a mobile device, worked. Totally bonkers.

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