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Mail alerts doesn't send email to merchant



Mail alerts module doesn't send email to merchant, but it works with customers.

Email are sent with php mail() function.

This is a problem because merchant is forced to check the BO in order to look for new orders.

Has it anything to do with email template translations?

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Hello,  looks like the 'old' problem... there are a lot of solutions for PS and tb in the web, maybe you will do a search.

There can be 2 possible problems coming from theme or translations:

1. Try also in back office:   -> localization -> translations -> your theme -> emails templates -> modify -> mailalerts -> new_order -> change subject to "New order" -> then save  (some themes has got this subject and sometimes it does not work).

2. There must be folders and ALL files in it, for each language in the email templates. Try to copy the standard folder and rename it, then you can try to use it with your theme. 

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