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Webp is generated without watermark



I am generating new pictures with webp. But the webp images do not include the watermark. I am runnin TB 1.1.0 and Watermark v1.1.0 - by PrestaShop. Is this a known issue? The right sizes are ticket (Just ot be sure I ticket them all šŸ¤£) in the watermark module.

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33 minutes ago, Smile said:

Hmmmm, it here a solution to that? How much time would it cost to get it also working with webp and make it a TB module? Very much interested in sponsoring it.

The watermark module was not initially forkedĀ because there wasn't any license file in the github repository. License file is there is now, but the modules is already updated to work on ps17 only, so it would be harder to migrate migrate it back to work on ps16 / tb... but of course it's doable

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