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CartRules - Voucher minimum amount based on selected productsonly


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I just finished a modification on the CartRules class and admin theme  + one more column in mysql table tb_cart_rule

This function was missing for some TB users >>

Before : Minimum amount to reach is based on total amount of the order => good for most situations.

Now : If you activate selected products the minimum amount to reach in your order will be calculated from your products in your cart that match the selected products of the voucher only if selected.


posted on github here : https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/pull/1147


as TB now use use ObjectModelSchemaBuilder to create database schema, there's no need to update anything in install directory, right ?

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the link to phpmyadmin was by mistake.. it's deleted, thank you for reporting it.

But yes If you want to add this to your shop, for now it's better to use phpmyadmin to add that new column,

It might get integrated on the next release and then no need for modifications with phpmyadmin of DB, simple upgrade will do.

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