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tax excluded price show error



I was playing with Zones (trying to add abroad delivery) and decided to add new zone for Poland only (by default its in Europe), and a few Europe X zones based on delivery prices. And strange error occurred - vistor was seeing prices without tax. After some digging and checking I found out it was cookie related - one customer and my self too had old cookies, which were forcing TB to view prices without tax. I should have a copy of the cookies on another machine, so I could do some digging but the bug should be easy to replicate.

  1. do something in store as visitor;
  2.  add new Zone;
  3. move country from old Zone to new;
  4. get back to store and see how prices are displayed.

It's quite a problem to explain it to a customer, so some kind of cookie invalidation should have place when even one country is move between Zones. As a backup I've added tax ex/incl labels form AdvancedEU module and changed frontoffice cookie lifetime to 1h from default 480h.

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Every thing stays same if I move my default country into different zone. As displaying taxes is country related, not zone related.

Only thing showing without tax were shipping costs, as I have set carrier price without tax for export zones where no tax applies.

However, I do use geolocation, as without it it's not possible to show correct prices (with or without tax) for not logged visitors, where shop does not know the country of origin as crystal ball is not yet in the core.

Geolocation ist "must have module" if you are selling worldwide and you are showing EU prices with tax and Outside EU without tax.


And you should always use tax based on delivery address, not invoice address.

As one could create USA address as invoice but delivery within EU and would not pay taxes because of wrong setting.

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