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  1. easy, it could be anything, user can always change it in translation;-)
  2. Disconnect? is this Matrix?;-)
  3. quite simple - if someone decide to accept guest orders, IMO it should be on the top. and don't be paranoid - it could play well if you limit payment methods for guests.
  4. no problemo. 1. Order as a guest - IMO should be put on first position. 2. Last item in product view is half width compared with all others. Also I see there is a dynamic number of items per row (desktop) - I have mixed feelings about it. 3. Text size for mobile looks like the same as for desktop making it quite big and page very long (Samsung S8).
  5. from what I see here current demand from community focuses on checkout experience, which of course is important, but what about all other parts of the shop? I don't want to force direction of development, but theme should be 'complete' first, before digging into details, especially those which are important for individual merchant and feet nicely into service mode you mentioned above.
  6. can you add this module to cordwin project? and generaly look into this and make sure that files there are up to date. thanx in advance.
  7. now you can change admin folder name.
  8. I don't follow... what above info has to do how product listing code looks like?
  9. IMO Niara is just a 'skin' for Community Theme. there are no major differences between those two in terms of functionality. so as Community Theme was outdated, Niara still is too, but looks a bit fresher.
  10. from my perspective it's simple: 1. point out where current themes suck and address those issues mobile experience shopping process ux cart... code duplication to achieve the same thing in different places 2. give it modern look with minimal set of features 3. reduce quantity of modules used to achieve that anything else should be in merchant hands or someone hired by him.
  11. in such case this initiative will fail. don't get me wrong, but 'community' will launch an endless loop of wishes.
  12. yup, it's time to move on. current state is unacceptable in a long run. theme architecture is archaic, with a lot of teeny-tiny modules for very specific outcome. as many of you said before - you really don't need a bunch of modules, a successful shop can be build with just a few of them. for sure, building a new theme in community style will not be easy, but IMO it's the only way. TB user base is too small to invest a lot to build new modern theme and frankly, I really don't like commercial themes as those are bloated with too much stuff. if someone starts such a project, I will try to help.
  13. check user groups and their access to this category.
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