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  1. yeah, it can log out or block you from logging in. it's pain in ass on mobile connections, as IP changes there quite frequently. after disabling this check, problem solved.
  2. well said - 1.1.0 has a few 'imperfections' which can make you a bit frustrated.
  3. edit coresponding php files and add a hidden-print class to elements you dont want to have on printed page. <div class="hidden-print">content for non print</div> <div class="visible-print">content for print only</div>
  4. let me copy & paste it for you: https://nodejs.org/en/ Download and install node.js + npm, LTS version will do. With npm up and running you can finally compile SASS to CSS. To do that, make sure you first set up build environment. Steps to do that you can find below. Be aware, that you have to do this on your local machine and use Niara theme from GitHub repo, not release from your store. https://github.com/thirtybees/niara Building This theme works as-is on thirty bees, all built files are committed to the repository. CSS files shouldn't get edited directly, but their Sass counterpart in sass/ instead. After doing so, CSS gets compiled from that. For contributions, please create commits including both, source file changes together with their build results. Setting up the build environment npm install Building CSS from Sass npm run compile-css Linting JavaScript npm run lint-js
  5. https://store.thirtybees.com/shop-modules/front-office/cookiebot there is nothing on the module page mentioning Prestashop in any version.
  6. there are modules/templates for that, so we could clean up those too.
  7. did you changed links pointing to dev site to normal site?
  8. non-square images are already allowed, but I assume you were thinking about images not following set ratio to fit them with padding? the hard rules implemented now are ok - you can't give a finger because ppl will ask for whole palm. yeah, image handling could be improved in a few ways. preprocessing for start, which will determine if image really needs resize/recompress. but for now there is a bunch of things to do first, so maybe later;-)
  9. image processing should be straight forward process. IMO WebP is the way to go, if we like it or not. it gives good quality/size ratio. I didn't look into compressor settings yet, but there are few which can help with file size beside quality setting accessible via BO. WebP can do lossy, can do lossless, it even can do transparency, so right preselection of settings to source image properties is a key to achieve good quality/size combo. ps. compression to size is ok when you do it one by one with visual confirmation of result, not for batch processing of hundreds of images.
  10. just my 10 cents - provide HQ images (JPEG 100 or PNG) and play with compression settings. yes, ideal scenario would be if there is a check if source image has a right size for example 1600px, then skip that one if possible (depends on compression format).
  11. but those are not warnings but errors - is there a solution to this? im trying to properly modify Niara theme and seeing a bunch of errors doesn't help the process. ok, I've educated myself and indeed those errors can be ignored (assuming that JS code in repo is working in 101%), but would be nice to have build process error and warning free (low priority).
  12. I have only default main category for CMS pages, which are used for informational purposes. And webpage with main category has only a list of links to those CMS pages without any useful info. Is there a quick way to dissable/hide this page?
  13. thirtybees Newsletter modules does only two things - collects subscribers emails and send them voucher code. nothing less, nothing more. if you want full 'newsletter' fuctionality ie. collect, create and send mailing, you need to invest in service as Mailchimp or Sendinblue (free plans exist) or dedicated module which does everything on site, but then you need also reliable e-mail server to send mailing (check your host parameters). There is something like phpList - selfhosted mailing solution, but getting it to work on level as paid services requires some work.
  14. there is no such option but if you really need it, you can always add it to the core/theme and share with community.
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