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  1. SendinBlue works, but its free plan fast won't be enough - only 300 msg daily. MailChimp initial speed of importing contacts was not good enough for me, so I can't share any other thoughts about it. there is also GetResponse with PS1.6 module, but no free plan here. on paper looks ok.
  2. I will do approving process when all texts are translated, glossary filled and so on. Most of actual thirty bees Polish translations come from PS1.6, which was build by various people during many years. it's full of inconsistencies and outdated therms which are not used in Polish e-commerce today. and not mentioning this politeness from English which should not be followed blindly but it is. this translation needs serious proofreading. sorry for offtopic @viktorson.
  3. I know toplakd, I'm one of active thirty bees translators.
  4. @1 yes, the same one as in PS1.6, and the same one used by many SaaS e-ccomerce. @4 what exactly would you like to have documented in Polish? don't get me wrong but software language is English, whenever we like it or not. Polish translation of thirty bees is still unfinished, but I'm trying to deal with that. probably there are a few active users in Poland so even if there is Polish subforum, you won't receive any response for a long time. there are a few companies in Poland who make modules for presta, some of them even noticed existence of thirty bees and checked their modules to be working perfectly. but some of them are not interested in that, because they are busy enough making money on PS1.6 and PS1.7.
  5. no, module uploading works perfectly fine for me, as long as I upload module with proper zip/folder structure.
  6. Anyone has a working solution for CartRule modification to exclude already discounted items from reduction calculation? I was digging around presta forums, found some clues but look outdated. I've also found something worth considering to implement in thirty bees: https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop/pull/2060 but CartRule is very sensitive, so someone more skilled is required to look at it. thanx in advance for any suggestion.
  7. took me 2s with text search: themes\niara\modules\beesblogrecentposts\views\templates\hooks\home.tpl
  8. yes, thats the case. thanx for heads up, I will modify TPL.
  9. hmm, it puts products below cart summary - it is intentional?
  10. this should be ported back - without it, browsing Niara on mobile is really long run for your fingers.
  11. it's strange that NVD3 Charts and GridHTML modules are marked as not needed since 1.0.4... fixed that manually, works great.
  12. 1.0.8. without NVD3 Charts and GridHTML modules my stats look empty;-(
  13. check all entries in Statistics, not in Dashboard - no pie charts, no list in Best Vouchers and so on.
  14. I've filled a issue some time ago, but issue is still unresolved. Can someone confirm/deny that should be fixed? TIA. https://github.com/thirtybees/statsmodule/issues/11 Also looks like not all table data are displayed in BO, but you can export it as CSV. Is that a correct behavior?
  15. they will do the right thing - take control of look and feel of all 'old' blocks in the city.
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