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  1. check user groups and their access to this category.
  2. read again what @rubben1985 wrote. for those who don't have account on prestashop marketplace (is it possible?;-), message is below.
  3. no changes in repo for almost 3 weeks so...
  4. no, this bug is still unresolved on github.
  5. cienislaw


    I would suggest a quick rename of admin folder which you just posted publicly above.
  6. are there more such traps in themes? theme really shouldn't calculate anything, just take data from core and display it.
  7. you have active Live Configurator mode.
  8. so discount is calculated once for default variant or most expensive one - this need a fix asap.
  9. he is helping, but on his terms. code is public, so if TB core team finds something interesting in ME, they can use it.
  10. Well said. IMO Commercial themes pack too much stuff and tempt users to use it all as on examples, which are there not to show you how to achieve good and simple look (not basic!), but present all theme features. This is a snake eating own tail situation, when with too much stuff and freedom you bloat the site with fancy stuff, which doesn't help sales at all and frustrates users.
  11. just one question about using Tailwind CSS - what about compatibility with the rest of the Prestashop 1.6 world as it is Bootstrap v3 based?
  12. We need a modern look, ux design and shopping process/experience. Community Theme Default is several years old. It has flaws, it isn't mobile friendly at all. Don't get me wrong guys, but another face lifting will get just a bit better theme, not a new perspective this project needs. I'm not saying that existing code can't be reused in some way, but for sure shouldn't be used as a base for a new template. Also there is a need to change a way of expanding theme features. I know that no one is forcing you to use a lot of modules, but currently there is a module for every little thing, with a lot of duplicated data and so on. This, beside removal of useless modules from a theme, can be addressed in favor of using HTML Block, so module bloat will be minimalized. I don't think that there is a need for mobile and desktop version - more space doesn't mean that you should bloat it with something and a good RWD designed theme will look good on both platforms. Feature voting - I'm against it. Most of us merchants on this forum are not graphic or ux designers, and you can see it clearly by visiting our shops. Of course users can suggest something, but the final look and feel of theme should be decided by professionals. There is also need of translations proofreading. Even the best theme shopping experience will be ruined with bad translation, and if the rest of them is as bad as Polish one... I understand how works community translation and I know that it's hard to get quality with multiple people translating something they don't even use. Proofreading will take time, but it will be worth it. That's my five cents which should explain my point of view on this matter.
  13. I hope that new owners have a new default theme for 30b on the roadmap. By new I mean done from scratch, because any other way will be only face lifting without heavy lifting. By a new default theme I don't have in mind anything close to Panda or other commercial themes, not at all. But we need a new theme, based on 2021 design rules, with heavy focus on mobile version and so on.
  14. just checked my provider and php 5.6 is still available, but default is set to 7.3. 5.6 is 6 and a half years old, if someone still uses it, better have good reason to do that.
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