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[Solved] 1.1.x Bleeding Edge - Cart error message on Carrier(s) & Weight



I get the following error displayed for the cart using Bleeding Edge 1.1.x for a shop that works fine with 1.1.0 Stable.

The product selection cannot be delivered by the available carrier(s): it is too heavy. Please amend your cart to lower its weight.

I'm using a the Community Theme Default that I've modified and have some overrides.  This error is displayed with the overrides turned off and the cache cleared.

If developers would like me to investigate, please post what you would like to see and I can run tests and posts results.  It isn't a problem for me because the shop works fine with the 1.1.0 stable release.  I was just trying the bleeding edge release.

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Sorry for the delayed reply - I didn't get an automatic notification.  Thanks for the tip.  I found the problem was an older order-carrier.tpl in my customized theme. This file is not changed in my customized theme.  Using the file from 1.1.0 fixed it.

On 5/7/2020 at 8:28 AM, toplakd said:

Have you tried 1.1.x together with latest community theme? (not ignoring theme in core updater)


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