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Running ThirtyBees on a WordOps stack


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I would like to also use Word Ops to install ThirtyBees https://docs.wordops.net
/ and / Or use the word ops stack for running ThirtyBees.  

I have tried to install ThiryBees on a wo created site, running the Thirtubees instalatiuon wizard.  This wizard runs fine, I can start te wizard, etablish contact with the database, suscssfully finalize the install wizard, but when I try to open the homepage / admin page of the new instalation after the wizard is finalized, I get just a blank page without any content.  Also, I have tried to look into the nginx and php7.3 error log, but no errors there.  - is there some obvious thing to change to make ThiryuBes run on a WO stack ??  - any other out there that might have some input ?

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