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multistore url displaying wrong



I would please like some help with multistore url aliases.

Cpanel hosting with domain1.com and domain2.com to the same Nameserver
domain2 is setup as an alias and shows

I have setup TB on domain1.com and multistore turned on for domain2.com

When I visit domain2.com in firefox and opera it works.
Meaning the url stays / shows domain2.com
and it shows the domain2 shop with logo / home page

BUT when i visit domain2.com
with my phone
or in chrome
or on another pc
it goes to domain1.com and shows domain1.com shop homepage

How can I fix this?

Thank you

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Uhm, one can turn on multishop only for all shops of an installation or for none of them.

Did you perhaps duplicate your installation, making a copy of all files and the database? One can do this, but it's not multishop. In this case, both are independent installations.

To get a multishop, one has only one installation with one database. There one can add additional domains and URLs for this single installation.

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