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regenerate product images for a specific type


Is there a possibility how to regenerate product images only for a specific image type like home_dafault? This is the only type I changed. I would not like to re-generate all images, I am afraid I will lost my google images ranking, what is, after several years, very good. In standard this is not possible, is there some kind of a workaround just temporally changing some .php code? like adding something like image_type = home_dafault?

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I'd be surprised if regenerating images hurts search engine ranking, because image URLs stay the same. A regenerated image is also identical to the one before, same MD5 sum. Just tested this.

If you still want to regenerate only some, just delete them. tb generates missing images on the fly, they'll reappear as soon as a visitor needs them. Still same MD5 sum.

To find images of a certain type:

find img/p -name \*home_default.jpg

Adjust this search until it finds what you want, then delete them by adding '-delete':

find img/p -name \*home_default.jpg -delete

Just don't delete the original, the image without '-' in it's name, like '1.jpg', '342.jpg'.

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