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Cannot read property 'toLowerCase' of undefined


VM254 v_175_684957338e11b0ce44f6c54fdc13ff9a.js:6 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'toLowerCase' of undefined
    at e.fn.init.e.attr (VM254 v_175_684957338e11b0ce44f6c54fdc13ff9a.js:6)
    at n.access (VM254 v_175_684957338e11b0ce44f6c54fdc13ff9a.js:3)
    at e.fn.init.attr (VM254 v_175_684957338e11b0ce44f6c54fdc13ff9a.js:4)
    at Object.validateInput (VM254 v_175_684957338e11b0ce44f6c54fdc13ff9a.js:2008)
    at e.fn.init.$.fn.validateInputOnBlur (VM254 v_175_684957338e11b0ce44f6c54fdc13ff9a.js:1269)
    at HTMLFormElement.<anonymous> (VM254 v_175_684957338e11b0ce44f6c54fdc13ff9a.js:1211)
    at Function.each (VM254 v_175_684957338e11b0ce44f6c54fdc13ff9a.js:2)
    at e.fn.init.each (VM254 v_175_684957338e11b0ce44f6c54fdc13ff9a.js:2)
    at e.fn.init.$.fn.validate (VM254 v_175_684957338e11b0ce44f6c54fdc13ff9a.js:1201)
    at HTMLDocument.<anonymous> (VM254 v_175_684957338e11b0ce44f6c54fdc13ff9a.js:362)


I have these errors on the page that I really don't know what they mean and I have problems with some modules that don't look good or don't work well.

Does anyone have these problems or have you fixed them?

Thanks for your help

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disable JS CCC, and then check console again. There should be more user friendly stacktrace

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Thank you very much for your help, I deactivated what you told me and I managed to discover right away that it was a module that was giving problems, I deactivated the module and it works perfectly and without errors.

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