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Title has a " - <storename>" tag on index.



Title might be a little bit confusing, what I mean is that my index title always has the following "tag":


If I change the shops name, it will change to whatever I did change initially.

But this causes me a few issues because I already am defining the index title and the " - Casablanca" is automatically added.

This is what my headers meta title tag looks like:


Where can I find "$meta_title" function? I just want to remove that "- whatevertheshopsname" thing.


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Bump, I am trying to do the same for categories too, I have removed all possible connotations in meta.php as in $row['meta_title'] . '-' . whatevershopnamefunctionstuff.

Any other specific areas that handle this? Thing is that I can not change my shops name for some reason, whenever I try to access it I get "Restriced access" and then get redirected to my dashboard so I am pretty much in need of handling this stuff on my own.

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