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Hi! we bought a module for prestashop, and then after a few months we turned to TB, the module is suposed to work on PS 1.6 so we thought that would work on TB, it installs itself, appears on product page to be activated, but when we save, nothing happens!

The module is: Warranty/Protection/Insurance plan by best-kit. We asked for help, but as they did before in prestashop, even after we payed for assistence they say that we have to pay more for them to help us, in prestashop it was bronken since first day and an advanced user helped with the code and worked back then, but the problem now is different.

Anyone can help us?


Thanks in advance

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Most developers do this which is why I try and not buy from them anymore.. If you really need help you may have to pay for it like I had to by using "Up Work" or try and find an alternative module

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