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I have a problem with a pop up which I want to remove



Hi, This might be dumb but I can not find out how to take out a pop up for a form that I put into my website.  It is from a code I received from sendinblue a sign up form which I am not using now. I show as and error tell the viewer to go to send in blue. I looked at the view source and the this is the code

[ <div class="tingle-modal-box"><div class="tingle-modal-box__content"><p><iframe width="540" height="305" style="margin-left:auto;margin-right:auto;max-width:50%;" src="https://8aee67b3.sibforms.com/serve/MUIEAERPl8lVzWDBseyt4ObcSZAjk8V5Iw5tS2gTmaaPyYXSobAaW-K-xyYTJAQH103L1uALAf_L2ZxnxXcBe9qGsd-ytie-kRdZG-l8B1UpWQC2vr_kZ1Kk6IZZoWJpG00Q1RtpuN_ZPI3HGFoDWW1GsUJIv-k_uuYaVqonVQB7yrnt4UQs-vPumGM-ZptGpAIk61BXTcEVE_hD" frameborder="0" scrolling="auto"></iframe></p></div><div class="tingle-modal-box__footer"><button class="prestacraft-close">x</button></div></div> ]

My page where ist is showing is www.providencesilverco.com 

But I don't have this in the custom code - Add extra metas to the header.  I think I have to go to the page to delete it but which page?

Thank you,


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