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Adding a referral tracking code for conversions


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I'd like to add a tracking code / paramater to URLs eg ?fromForum123 so that I place somewhere so I can see the conversions.

Currently, the ways I see to do this would be:

  • to use an affiliate / referral module and misuse that for this purpose.
  • setup Matomo or similar.

Is this correct or might there be another way? 

Thank you.

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On 1/6/2021 at 2:40 AM, 30knees said:

Gladly. What part do you need to know more about?

Lets awake the old thread.

I have the tracking tool up and running but I'm stuck at exclusion. I have a referral planed from a social service and wish to exclude all others. or can I leave it blank and take the risk?


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