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How do YOU print labels?


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It seems that thirtybee's is a little limited when it comes to modules for shipping and printing labels (unless I'm missing something?)  I see a UPS and FEDEX API module for sale however I primarily use USPS to ship my products.

Does everyone use a third party service like paypal or something to print their shipping labels?  It seems there would be more support for API modules, even if they were paid versions.  WP has free plug-ins for this job but wp is not nearly as clean as TB.

If you do use a third parties service, which is cheapest? Stamps dot com?



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UK answer: Post Office Drop-and-Go
Thirtybees sends me an email with the order on it.
I have formatted this to include an address somewhere near the top left.
I print the email and put in a window envelope on the parcel before dropping-off at a post office.
Post Office Drop-and-go service adds the right stamps and gives me basic online proof of delivery.

I acknowledge the order manually if I remember, which is not good.

Drop-and-Go are a few pence more expensive than Royal Mail online labels.
I have to attach a form to the parcel or stack of parcels that I drop-off, listing street numbers and postcodes. Also, I haven't quite formatted the email right; it shows with "from... to... date... email logo etc" on the top inch, which I fold-over.

I don't know how this translates to the post office /USPS in the US. Also I think that there are Hermes modules for Thirtybees in some European countries, but don't know detail.

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8 hours ago, movieseals said:

This module does permit the impression of labels and is well integrated with the USPS API: https://www.presto-changeo.com/prestashop-17-modules/144-usps-shipping-module.html


There is a PS 1.6 version of the module and that is the version you should seek out for TB.

Thank you! I will have a look into this.

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