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Fontawsome.woff2 : how to remove unwanted characters?


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When I google this question, I see people recommending Fontforge, but I have trouble saving a .woff2 file from it and hope there's an easier way.
All I need to do is delete unwanted fontawsome icons, save as fontawsome-webfont.woff2, and upload back to
It's a bit accident-prone, even if the software were easy. I think I need magnifying glass, basket, phone, expand-X, Info, Print, and social media icons but am unlikely to get it right first time.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------added a month later : link to video instructions
https://www.grantojanen.com/videos/pg/optimize-fonts.html has a video. Apparently I was saving or making my reduced font set in the wrong place - it's a bit unintuitive on fontforge. There's also the question of which icons are not used in my theme: there must be a way of downloading a copy and searching every template, but I just left-in anything to do with chevrons and ecommerce and social networks.

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added link to video in case anyone finds this post in future
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