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Add PopUp to CHEX fields


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Using the Chex module, though perhaps this is a generic thing

In the confirmation fields we can add a link to terms of service etc and they open in a new tab / browser

But can they be made to open a pop up instead so customer stays on the same page?



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3 hours ago, Signut said:

@haylau may I ask if you have to 'Allow iframes on HTML fields' in Preferences/General for this to work well?


Just checked,  it works either way. 

Full line: <a  class="iframe" href="/faqs/store-information/uk-postocode-delivery-restrictions.html?content_only=1">Royal Mail Special Delivery and Expedited Courier Post Code Restrictions</a>

So the ?content_only=1 part means you only get the text not the page header, footer etc

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Actually, wonder if any one can help

In the link, using the ?content_only=1 setting means you only ge the text. Literally



Looks a little untidy. With out the setting you get the full page




BUT you have to scroll down passed all the headers to see the format which is much better because it is formatted




So, can anyone think of a way of displaying the page WITH formatting but WITHOUT headers and footers?


And, just to be greedy. How we can adjust the same and size of the iframe

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