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  1. Our experience here in the UK, is the main parcel shippers and aggregators use the terms; Length, Width and Height.
  2. I regret we do not use the Multistore function yet ourselves. On a separate note, we find messages sent from User's Mobiles (especially iPhone) displaying complete formatting code eg: ........................@media screen and (max-width:300px){ #yiv0828342493 body { width:218px !important;margin:auto !important;} #yiv0828342493 .yiv0828342493table {width:195px !important;margin:auto !important;} #yiv0828342493 .yiv0828342493logo, #yiv0828342493 .yiv0828342493titleblock, #yiv0828342493 .yiv0828342493linkbelow, #yiv0828342493 .yiv0828342493box, #yiv0828342493 .yiv0828342493footer, #yiv0828342493 .yiv0828342493space_footer{width:auto !important;display:block !important;} #yiv0828342493 span.yiv0828342493title{font-size:20px !important;line-height:23px !important;} #yiv0828342493 span.yiv0828342493subtitle{font-size:14px !important;line-height:18px !important;padding-top:10px !important;display:block !important;} #yiv0828342493 td.yiv0828342493box p{font-size:12px !important;font-weight:bold !important;} #yiv0828342493 .yiv0828342493table-recap table, #yiv0828342493 .yiv0828342493table-recap thead, #yiv0828342493 .yiv0828342493table-recap tbody, #yiv0828342493 .yiv0828342493table-recap th, #yiv0828342493 .yiv0828342493table-recap td, #yiv0828342493 .yiv0828342493table-recap tr { display:block !important; } #yiv0828342493 .yiv0828342493table-recap{width:200px!important;} #yiv0828342493 .yiv0828342493table-recap tr td, #yiv0828342493 .yiv0828342493conf_body td{text-align:center !important;} #yiv0828342493 .yiv0828342493address{display:block !important;margin-bottom:10px !important;} #yiv0828342493 .yiv0828342493space_address{display:none !important;} } ................................. Several email exchanges with clients can then result in a large amount of Form real estate being used. This is not generally an issue, just a tiny inconvenience.
  3. We use use the Customer Service IMAP settings. It was our understanding that the Button allowed to manually import/synch with the email on our server. We thought if we exchanged email traffic with customers outside of the TB Customer Service platform but via our Server, the Synch option ensured the external emails couls be successfully 'pulled in' to Customer Service. Is this wrong?
  4. We have been running Bleeding Edge for 2-3 days and have not found any issues.
  5. Could it be with regards to Fees? Stripe state "https://support.stripe.com/questions/stripe-fees-not-returned-when-refunding-customer"
  6. Signut

    Payment Method

    Another recommend for the Chex Module here AndyC. We are still using the 'old' Warehouse theme and aimed at UK only clients. After numerous problems we dropped Paypal. However, we can certainly recommend 'Stripe' for the payment processing. The combimation of Chex and Stripe is a winner for us.
  7. @zen I think you are right. Try a fresh start. Thanks. @haylau Yes, shipping has worked fine. Something wobbled when "messing" with bleeding edge/core update changes. Screenshot shows our simple setup. Thanks to you both. We will reset and drop the counties too. Signut
  8. Thanks @colorful-ant Yes, Payment is ok, but we are very grateful for your pointer - it was useful to re-check. Signut.
  9. Can anyone suggest the most likely cause for the message 'No carrier available' in the Checkout? The same result appears on both standard and OPC (Chex) checkout options. We are single country setup, with several carriers defined. Specific carrier selected in 'Products' OK. Carrier defined in Shipping OK. Countries and States defined in Localization OK. Using latest TB Bleeding Edge, Warehouse Theme. We are puzzled as what to check next? Grateful for any ideas.
  10. I have just 'regenerated' our robot.txt and found the same result as you. I do not know the cause. We are running latest Bleeding Edge, perhaps it is related to recent changes?
  11. Having virtually no coding expertise we are very nervous to alter anything on our Warehouse themed sites. Following the Forum here and seeing so many improvements in TB over the last year, we are now at ease running TB Bleeding Edge. We have seen real benefits since migrating from PS 1.6 - especially site speed etc., and modules like Chex convince us that choosing Thirtybees continues to be the best way forward for our ecommerce platforms. To prepare for re-theming our presentation for the future, we would love to be able to 'individualise' specific product pages and alter parts of the page - a dynamic impression/interpretation and without us resorting to deep code. We want to improve video presentation options - including display size, and user control eg: quick start/stop. An increasing number of our users are moving off desktop to other devices, so our current 'Megamenu' is becoming an issue. Lastly, if we could add relevant page content - in a CMS type of way........well our Google guys here would just faint.
  12. @Raymond Our Emagicone License support period has ended. We asked Emagicone if they would support our ThirtyBees installation - they advise they only work with the default Prestashop. They are aware some folk are using their Store Manager for TB, but they will not themselves make any guarantee. It would seem pointless for us to extend/upgrade our installation. Also, we are using TB 1.1.0 and have a concern that TB database/table changes may affect the effectiveness of our Store Manager installation in the future.
  13. We have a similar issue. Have you found a method of displaying some available shipping methods? The "no shipping options available" can be off-putting to some potential buyers.
  14. We are currently using Store Manager v2.49 with TB 1.1.0, and we find it useful. We do not use Multistore functions.
  15. Thank you @Traumflug, Changing the TB_Version worked.😀
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