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  1. Signut

    changing hosting?

    @AndyC We have used a small Unlimitedwebhosting VPS package since 2015. We have found these guys to be reliable, and to give fast and helpful support. No hesitation in recommending them.
  2. Signut

    blog or cms ?

    We have a low traffic site for our particular niche and branded products. We started making better use the Beesblog module in terms of 'content'. The Beesblog module is hooked into the Home page, but not to the columns. It is still relatively early days, but our stats/analytics show a definite increase in visits - the search engines reacting to the key terms we included in our blog/content/information pages. Our next job will be to try and make the blog page look more pretty.
  3. Using Beesblog Module v1.0.3. Although our Beesblog Module settings are configured to only 'Show dates", the Homepage continues to show the eye symbol and 'count'. The 'count' does not display on the actual post page. Is there a setting we can adjust to prevent the count number showing on the Homepage?
  4. Signut

    Spam through the Contact Page

    @the-rampage-rado 24 hours after installing your suggested Module and no spam since! many thanks for your assistance.
  5. Signut

    Spam through the Contact Page

    @the-rampage-rado Many thanks and we are going to follow your guidance. As a side note, we are not coders here, just enthusiastic merchants. And the Captcha problem is yet another issue to chew on. So we are thinking, as a strategy for the future, to spend more 'energy' - and cash - on Warehouse/TB is not justifiable. We are committed to TB, but the road ahead is looking very cloudy at the moment.
  6. Signut

    Spam through the Contact Page

    @dosbiner @AndyC Thanks. We have already have the 'Blackhole' Module activated, and it seems to deal with 'bots' very effectively. @the-rampage-rado Thanks. I confirm we have two Warehouse themed sites with the TB Captcha module installed. We have now checked both, and although the Captcha is present, the message can still be successfully sent (verified and UNverified). Doh! We were stupid not to have checked this before, and grateful for your post. Sadly, we will look back to PS for a solution.
  7. Signut

    Spam through the Contact Page

    Is there a recognised method to prevent Spam via the Contact Page? We have the Recaptcha Module activated to the Contact Page The numbers of Spam we currently receive are low - currently 5 -15 per day, but the problem is increasing. All the contacts are mainly from .RU addresses. We would be grateful for any suggestions. thanks. Signut
  8. Signut

    Migration from PS 1.7

    There is a website offering a Migration Sevice - Cart2Cart: https://www.shopping-cart-migration.com/shopping-cart-migration-options/prestashop-to-thirtybees-migration Although I used this 'paid' service to move a small site from PS 1.7 to TB's, there were a number of errors generated in the process. The errors included data loss and corruption. I may have been unlucky, but I would not go this route again.
  9. Signut

    Stripe Thirtybees Module: installation problem

    Thank you for the 'Bypass' information. After instigating this change, the Module worked as we hoped and the Data in both the Stripe Account and Thirtybees BO appears correct. We will somehow need to improve the Checkout visual display/layout, (nb. TB 1.0.7 / Warehouse 3.8.6) but at least it now works. We are certainly very grateful for your help. Signut.
  10. Signut

    Stripe Thirtybees Module: installation problem

    OK, we will stand back from Stripe for now. Thank you for your fast reply. Signut.
  11. When installing Stripe Module v1.6.5 , at the point where the Module requests to check TLS1.2 support, activating the 'Button' creates a long page of code: object(GuzzleHttp\Exception\ConnectException)#123 (10) { ["request":"GuzzleHttp\Exception\RequestException":private]=> object(GuzzleHttp\Psr7\Request)#115 (7) { ["method":"GuzzleHttp\Psr7\Request":private]=> string(3) "GET" ["requestTarget":"GuzzleHttp\Psr7\Request":private]=> NULL ["uri":"GuzzleHttp\Psr7\Request":private]=> o....................... Our Server does support TLS1.2. Are there any settings we can change in Thirtybees that would avoid generating this error? We would be grateful for any suggestions to enable the Stripe module to work successfully. Thanks.