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  1. @Raymond Our Emagicone License support period has ended. We asked Emagicone if they would support our ThirtyBees installation - they advise they only work with the default Prestashop. They are aware some folk are using their Store Manager for TB, but they will not themselves make any guarantee. It would seem pointless for us to extend/upgrade our installation. Also, we are using TB 1.1.0 and have a concern that TB database/table changes may affect the effectiveness of our Store Manager installation in the future.
  2. We have a similar issue. Have you found a method of displaying some available shipping methods? The "no shipping options available" can be off-putting to some potential buyers.
  3. We are currently using Store Manager v2.49 with TB 1.1.0, and we find it useful. We do not use Multistore functions.
  4. Thank you @Traumflug, Changing the TB_Version worked.😀
  5. In Order to use the VAT Exemption Module do we have to roll back from 1.0.8 Bleeding Edge to TB 1.0.8? Could there be other reasons the Vat Exemption Module is 'not compliant' ? Grateful for any advice, thanks.
  6. I feel your pain. However, if it is any consolation for you, we successfully changed from Paypal to Stripe last year, and continue to be very pleased with the whole Stripe experience. That said, we operate UK and single currency only. Good luck in getting a satisfactory resolution from Paypal.
  7. Confirming installation of 1.7.0 over 1.6.6. We do not use European Payment methods or Alipay etc. Smooth installation. All stages of initial transactions have completed satisfactorily.. Thank you for this upgrade.
  8. @Factor Agree with you about Plesk. Our interest in Mailgun was for another non Plesk Project and your links helped identify possible causes why some email deliveries were failing (DNS related). Your .doc was very timely, thanks.
  9. Installation, adding modules in BO and FO has worked well on our tests. Re: new template manager module:- "added a new image type called product_wide that is 400px tall and 1200px wide." Our results uploaded.
  10. Another vote for Plesk. We currently use Plesk Onyx and find it a much better experience than Cpanel.
  11. Thanks for the Email Guide. We have been evaluating services like Mailgun and I found some of the links in your guide to be very useful. 🙂
  12. Signut

    changing hosting?

    @AndyC We have used a small Unlimitedwebhosting VPS package since 2015. We have found these guys to be reliable, and to give fast and helpful support. No hesitation in recommending them.
  13. Signut

    blog or cms ?

    We have a low traffic site for our particular niche and branded products. We started making better use the Beesblog module in terms of 'content'. The Beesblog module is hooked into the Home page, but not to the columns. It is still relatively early days, but our stats/analytics show a definite increase in visits - the search engines reacting to the key terms we included in our blog/content/information pages. Our next job will be to try and make the blog page look more pretty.
  14. Using Beesblog Module v1.0.3. Although our Beesblog Module settings are configured to only 'Show dates", the Homepage continues to show the eye symbol and 'count'. The 'count' does not display on the actual post page. Is there a setting we can adjust to prevent the count number showing on the Homepage?
  15. @the-rampage-rado 24 hours after installing your suggested Module and no spam since! many thanks for your assistance.
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