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Order resume strange behaviour


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I hope someone can help me because I do not know what more to do...

The order details seems to have 2 problems:


1- It seems if I delete a product, the visualization changes (does it use another tpl file :classic_sad:?) and it does not apply some of the changes I did to the tpl.... How is this even possible?

The change of state also affect to other modules like Visual composer that lose a lower banner I have. The only explanation I find is that is using another tpl that do not include my modification and either the VC hook...


2- I can only delete one product before having to reload. Any idea? it is very annoying for the customers...


i recorded a video of the 2 issues:



I am with this problem for more than 1 month and I do not know what more to do


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no OPC, the 3 steps

What I do not understand is that the code has included a comment to hide some sections.


But when the product is deleted, is like these comments does not exist, they disappear what is not logic unless there is another TPL that is loaded :S



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