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Hi Folks, just decided to give this cart a test out for my new site that I plan to launch in the new year. I did have an online shop for many years, started that with Cs-commerce and then when to CScart for about 6 years. So what I'm saying is I should know my way around these things and know what I want in terms of features. But as we all know the are always a few quarks on how to get the best out of all shopping carts. So here's my first query list;

I written my first blog post but don't see any links to "blog" on the front page or anything like "latest blog posts" etc

I've changed the shop contact details but these new name & address etc are not showing up in the footer even with that option enabled. Am I right in suspecting the footer is hardcoded in to each of the themes provided with the default install? suppose I can check myself but that still would solve why the new details are not showing up.

Although my shop is going to be basic I would rather like to link it into ebay listing either basic listing or a shop. Is this going to cost silly money and will that silly money really get a workable solution? had trouble with that in the past so a bit weary.

And one final one - I add a product and add an image, that show as a thumbnail but when the thumbnail is clicked to open the product page the full image is not displayed. Am I going made? or is the secret to that?

Just remembered another things I want is how to hide all out of stock items. My shop will only stock one of each item but I expect an average buyer might buy 5-50 items in one visit so the are going to very be a lot of out of stock items that almost certainly won't be re-stocked. Leaving loads of out of stock items on the site is not an option.

That's it for now thanks, hope someone can help and in time I hope to return that favour.

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hide out of stock items.
...I do this and guess this is how, if I remember right. The search box top left of the back office also led me here when I searched "hide":

preferences > products > Allow ordering of out-of-stock products > no
preferences > products > Enable stock management > yes

There's an over-ride for each product:
catalog > products > Baked Beans > Quantities > When out of stock

[ ] Deny orders

[ ] Allow orders

[X] Default: Deny orders as set in the Products Preferences page

If you have combinations, which is the menu option above quantities, you can set a minimum quantity for each which would be worth experimenting with if important. The rest is just a starting point for experiment as well; I might be wrong.


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$235 so £170+ 
The trouble is that this kind of software is either silly money per month, or silly money one-off which is better but doesn't pay for support! I quoted that one because it's on the Thirtybees web site but I chose one called
emagicone prestashopmanager. The middle-price version is meant to do both ebay and amazon for (just now)
$349 so £252+ including a free smartphone app for notifications of orders and some pretty diagrams.
I have got as far as putting my product feed onto a google sheet, which is one of their options, so I can see that it works for that, but ebay reads the spreadsheet as missing a heading. There are emagicone developers on the Guru freelancer site and probably others, so if I get stuck for ever that's an option. If they put their price back-up again, and you show interest by downloading a free trial, they give you a special offer price soon after if you buy quickly.
--------------update 27.07.2021


Just for your information, starting September 1st, 2021 eMagicOne will be introducing new pricing plans.

As you're already a customer of ours, I wanted to make sure that our price increase is as fair as possible. So, we’ve prepared a deal you might want to take advantage of.

If you've been thinking of ordering a subscription to the Support and Update Service, you can order it by the 1st of September 2021 with a 25% off. Thus, you’ll be able to keep the old prices and enjoy Support and Update service as long as you stay subscribed.


Save now before it's too late!

I still have not got the thing working, or got updates to install. It looks as though it works for other people, but it's just a rather fragile kind of set-up.


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update 27.07.2021
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Thanks for the replies folks, I'm looking at another cart now. I might still use 30B but I was getting an error on checkout and didn't want to get into bug tracking at this point. My shop won't be a major thing and I'm only doing it now because I don't have an income due to Covid. So all I have is time and I'm not planning to even add inventory to the site still the end of the year. By then all my ducks should be lined up and the business processes tested and honed. Still I think this thread was worth putting up for others that follow.

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