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Watermark module adopted


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Hi everyone,

we have forked and adopted prestashop 1.6 watermark module.

From now on we will maintain and extend this module, so if you have some requests or bug issues, don't hesitate to report them.

The initial release 1.2.0 is slightly extended version of old ps watermark module. The differences are:

  • watermark source images are no longer kept in watermark module folder, but uploaded to main /img/ directory. This prevents problems with watermark images being lost during module update
  • webp support 

Important note:

If you are currently using ps16 watermark module, please do manual module update -- download zip file and extract it over your existing /modules/watermark module. 

If you used automatic update, thirty bees would delete current module directory and replace it with new one, and you would loose watermark source image that is stored in module directory.

In future, update from 1.2.0 to newer versions will be without issues, because images will be stored outside of the module directory

Github repo



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26 minutes ago, cienislaw said:

can you add this module to cordwin project? and generaly look into this and make sure that files there are up to date. thanx in advance.

Unfortunately crowdin integration is not yet fully automated. Currenty we have a tool that allows us to extract translations from core, themes, and modules. But this tool actually requires working instance of thirty bees, with all modules and themes installed, and export is a manual task. It's not easy to prepare and keep such environment, so we do this only for major release.

There is a task item in our backlog regarding automation of this tedious manual task. Once finished, we will have on-the-fly integration between github -> crowdin.

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