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Block Layered Navigation


I use Block Layered Navigation. There are many ways to filter. But slider is available only with prices and wight. I tried to find out how to solve this but it is not easy for me. Shortly, the problem is that database store all values as text, except length and price. Even if other values are given only with number. Slider type only works when input is number. So my guestion is how I convert this text to numbers ? For example length. I can put all values like numbers. So theoretically TB can convert these to numbers because there isn't any unit and there is no need to replace unit to something else. But I don't know how to tell this to Layered Navigation. Or maybe there is working solution already ? I use TB 1.1

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6 hours ago, the.rampage.rado said:

You can use the preset for Weight (if you're not using it currently). Make all your values a number (it won't take any other characters) and rename your weight to length. It will show only if there are products with set parameters for it in this category.

I will not even try this.

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