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HTML Block not working - on Bleeding edge


Today I wanted to change some info in my HTML block when I noticed that I can't edit Custom blocks anymore.

So I thought they were corrupted and deleted them.

Then I realized I can also not create new ones 🙂


Made module reset, deleted, new install. Still not working.

So I decided to test it on totally clean thirty bees install, and it works on stable 1.3 version.

Then I proceeded with upgrade to the latest bleeding edge and it stopped working.

Reverted back to stable 1.3 and it works again.


So something has been changed in bleeding edge as one can not edit or add the html blocks.

Blocked loading mixed active content “http://thbees.com/index.php?controller=trigger&ts=1637851750”


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Indeed,  there is an regression in bleeding edge. I have found the culprit and will fix it soon.

Thanks for testing the edge, very much appreciated.

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I'm always using latest bleeding edge on my live shop 🙂

So if bug exists I in tasks which I make on daily basis then I can find it very fast.


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