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Niara - Order page - recycled packaging.



Hi all

this is my first post. So far I am very satisfied about thirtybees and I was able to make it works and starting my business on line.

I am using Niara Theme and I would like, on the order page, to make as default the check box I would like to receive my order in recycled packaging.

This will help to be climate friendly. I had a look in /root_thirtybees/theme/niara

There I found the pages order*tpl and. When I open it I can see the code

    {if $order->recyclable}
      <p><i class="icon icon-2x text-success icon-repeat"></i> {l s='You have given permission to receive your order in recycled packaging.'}</p>

My question: what / where to change to make the order packaging always recyclable?

Thaks in advance for any suggestions

Screenshot 2022-03-06 at 12.18.44.png

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Hello and welcome  🙂

Most of the merchants use this for other things  (use translations to modify the text).  It is in your hands to always use recycled packaging, i think there is no need to give the customer the possibility to choose this in year 2022.....   just a short idea from me.


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BackOffice > preferences > offer recycled packaging > no
That leaves it unsaid; the normal text goes as well, but maybe you could translate something else on the page or add a message somewhere else on the site. A simpler checkout could be better.

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