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Ian Ashton

Thirtybees 1.3.0, Core Updater 1.6 problem/question


Starting out on my Thirtybees journey.

Did a new install of version 1.3.0

Upgraded Core Updater to 1.6

Configured Core Updater and received


Your installation is broken!

We have detected some problems with your installation. You should fix them by updating your store.


Changed files

  • config/json/files.json modified
  • vendor/composer/ClassLoader.php modified
  • vendor/composer/autoload_classmap.php modified
  • vendor/composer/autoload_real.php modified
  • vendor/composer/autoload_static.php modified
  • vendor/composer/installed.json modified



Extra files

  • vendor/composer/InstalledVersions.php
  • vendor/composer/installed.php
  • vendor/composer/platform_check.php

I obviously haven't changed any files ( other than by running the install ) so 

Is this behaviour expected.
Is it OK to continue with the upgrade 



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You can safely ignore these for now.

There are multiple thirty bees packages for every PHP version. When you download thirtybees 1.3.0 for different PHP version than you have on your store, this nonsense comparison error will appear. This will not happen in thirty bees 1.4.0 release package


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