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combined size of name and value must be less than or equal 4096 characters


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I have a big problem that this year happens for the first time although the code is several years old. So it may be related to the TB update.

I have an application where on the product page there is a button. When it is pressed it calls a php script in an iframe. The scripts adds one or more products in the desired way to the cart and then refreshes the page so that the updated cart is shown.

The script is not particularly complicated. First it calls the TB with 'require("index.php");' and then it adds products to the cart with calls to '$cart->updateQty('.

Previously this worked perfectly. Now it doesn't work for many people and when you look in the browser console why you see this error:

set-cookie header is ignored in response from url https:/www.shop.com/addprod.php.
The combined size of name and value must be less than or equal 4096 characters.

The script doesn't contain code that interacts with the cookie. So it must happen somewhere in the Thirty Bees code - probably when a a product is added to the cart.

What causes this error and how can I fix it?


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You will have to look inside cookie to see what makes it so huge. Some module will probably store something interesting in there. 

Also, you can try changing encryption algorithm. On my local default installation, Blowfish algorithm returns cookie with length=357, while PHPEncryption algorighm returns cookie with length=613. However, Blowfish is not recommended, as it's much slower and less secure.


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When I look at my cookies with a cookie editor I see two cookies whose name starts with "thirtybees". One is 777 long and the other 1049. There are 6 other cookies but they are small. Yet when I look in Chrome's cookie overview it sees 9 cookies with a total size of 178 kb. 

However, this is in the main shop that has no problems. It is my php script that generates the error and I have no idea why.

Is there some way to debug this?

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as I wrote -- you should look inside the cookie. Since it's encrypted, you probably have to modify or overwrite Cookie class.

Before this line: https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/blob/bdeec484a5029102a368e311b6a7990b14185904/classes/Cookie.php#L245

you can add something like

// change to your IP address
$myIpAddress = '';

if (Tools::getRemoteAddr() == $myIpAddress && strlen(Tools::base64UrlEncode($content) > 3000)) {

That will kill the script and display content of cookie (for your IP address only).

Also, note that browser is complaining about 'combined' size, so you might need to tweak the size limit a little.

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I had a short look at the content of a cookie and I was flabbergasted. Is it really necessary to story so much information? Here is my cookie (with some changes for privacy that don't change the length):

date_add|2022-11-09 19:51:08¤id_lang|1¤id_currency|1¤id_guest|8484987¤id_connections|6812336¤viewed|4128,2595,4130,7073,4127,4074,4075,2686,2691,7513,4127,4126,4129,4128¤nav_last_visited_category|150¤id_compare|0¤id_customer|2422¤customer_lastname|Johnsson¤customer_firstname|Angel¤logged|1¤is_guest|¤passwd|$2y$10$rFACEsbXQnL.ysUP33X3k.TpGCvVuSJ2zxyRbABCDkl7VLsIpixvS¤email|peterpan@gmail.com¤check_cgv|¤last_visited_category|150¤st_category_columns_nbr|2¤id_cart|53951¤checkedTOS|0¤ga_cart|{"4128":{"id":"4128-3893","name":"chocoletter-deco-puur-220-gram","category":"chocoladeletters","brand":"","variant":"a","type":"typical","position":"0","quantity":1,"list":"cart","url":"","price":"6.38"}}¤checksum|1611188096

This cookie is 716 positions long. After encryption that is 1481. 

This cookie contains just one product. That product takes nearly 200 positions. That would double with encryption and that would mean that with 13 more products I would cross the 4096 border. 

I am not sure whether this is my problem. But i find it puzzling.

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I was wrong. There is always just one product in the cookie. So there is no problem there.

However, in the meantime I caught a cookie that is problematic. It looks like this:

date_add|2021-12-27 17:40:23¤id_lang|1¤id_currency|1¤viewed|2005,1292,563,341,7534,414,2262,1974,1380,7041,409,3875,367,475,244,6043,3342,3573,1930,5861,367,6383,7668,6156,287,250,5899,3449,1316,3391,7386,370,2272,7526,732,1683,5917,5641,2151,384,1352,3330,7744,490,282,5847,1683,7380,7567,418,4312,4311,563,4520,1974,363,7663,336,5867,7666,184,879,3425,266,4353,7018,468,5966,6341,6367,2005,5528,490,2800,3330,7388,5561,2272,6374,3075,528,4385,2272,7383,7727,5917,3079,3622,3293,5867,3429,7679,7640,1683,3931,370,6486,303,1683,6067,3486,6485,7630,7881,6488,6414,3130,7630,6485,2005,6352,490,5918,7862,463,4462,2339,3342,7731,7431,5612,2339,4089,2800,328,7679,3130,7641,1683,384,382,1345,4321,5445,2367,401,329,6135,3109,302,357,6482,7427,5454,786,3477,2271,7384,4328,4317,4379,1694,3330,6134,543,2005,418,1683,6958,543,148,143,6344,4318,1153,4089,3198,7383,7630,6383,7017,7882,1329,5654,498,2266,3162,3028,3790,3671,1609,3429,382,367,397,6129,7017,414,1928,6041,4161,1991,3338,368,2005,4161,6041,397,1928,1961,2310,7897,4367,6488,4374,6390,5844,1860,543,6035,2257,5612,3942,6107,3520,3028,6096,6906,7879,7873,6131,2738,1351,6149,3155,427,6131,440,543,306,435,6058,7344,7383,1927,7231,145,7534,1341,2955,3276,3851,7872,5235,310,6043,6211,6119,543,1683,7643,3260,1860,3360,4405,1292,2005,610,1963,6140,6368,1108,7525,7888,692,5372,4399,2279,7525,7388,1694,7734,3939,1108,7679,578,692,514,3254,154,3342,3332,5507,3461,1683,6165,239,7872,7861,7635,3400,7886,3376,7111,1683,7731,543,5854,3380,7860,6180,7866,2299,2563,890,5612,7871,495,7872,7012,6134,6375,7871,214,606,2005,218,5836,3547,2256,7388,4129,1694,1868,156,6165,521,414,7640,2903,4386,1974,7004,7528,4129,4128¤nav_last_visited_category|150¤id_guest|7789982¤id_connections|6882358¤st_category_columns_nbr|2¤last_visited_category|34¤gaClientId|4Avfdcimq5uO¤id_cart|54602¤ga_cart|{"4129":{"id":"4129-1496","name":"chocoletter-deco-melk-220-gram","category":"chocoladeletters","brand":"","variant":"a","type":"typical","position":"0","quantity":1,"list":"cart","url":"","price":"6.38"}}¤checksum|3699172910

When encrypted this cookie takes 4168 bytes and causes the error message.



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This looks strange.

The property "nav_last_visited_category" can only be found in the SunnyToo module stproductlinknav. De omschrijving van die module is "This module adds Next and Previous links on the product page."

Maar die module heeft versie 1.0 en is in voorgaande jaren nooit een probleem geweest.

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Yes, thirty bees $cookie object is transient storage available for any module developer. Anyone can add anything to that object. Thirty bees core only manages very small subset of these properties.

In your case, ga_cart is added by ganalytics, viewed by blockviewed. Looks like blockviewed does not implement any limits...

Edit 1: I have filed issue for blockviewed module: https://github.com/thirtybees/blockviewed/issues/4

Edit 2: panda modded version blockviewed_mod by SunnyToo is also affected.

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1 hour ago, musicmaster said:

SunnyToo has its own blockviewed_mod.

However, when I look at the code it looks like they have the same implementation with as only difference that TB uses hookHeader and ST uses hookDisplayHeader.


I have fixed this bug in blockview native module. You can copy changes to SunnyToo clone, since it's the same mod.

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12 minutes ago, datakick said:

I have fixed this bug in blockview native module. You can copy changes to SunnyToo clone, since it's the same mod.

Thank you for the fix.

You have made a lot of changes. That makes it hard to understand the side effects and thus hard to copy.

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