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Possible bug with product customization.



TB1.4 & PHP8.1

If there is possibility to customize product and You add something in text fleld then You can't delete this product from cart. The result is ERROR500, both BE and FE. If You look in database (cart_product) then this cart exist, but quantity is 0. If you change quantity at least 1 then everything seems ok and customization is also gone. Can someone confirm this ?

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That's right.
There is a critical error after removing customizable product from the cart.

Message: DivisionByZero Error: Division by zero
Location: classes/Cart.php line 610
#0 classes/Cart.php(610)
#1 classes/Cart.php(3396): CartCore->getProducts()
#2 controllers/front/CartController.php(318): CartCore->deleteProduct()
#3 controllers/front/CartController.php(100): CartControllerCore->processDeleteProductInCart()
#4 classes/controller/Controller.php(191): CartControllerCore->postProcess()
#5 classes/controller/FrontController.php(243): ControllerCore->run()
#6 classes/Dispatcher.php(851): FrontControllerCore->run()
#7 index.php(33): DispatcherCore->dispatch()

In PREFIX_cart_product table, deleted product has a quantity of 0.

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