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Paypal, payment option in 3 instalments (module)


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I am looking for a Paypal module to be able to accept payments in 3 instalments (the new functionality they recently included), I have searched and I can hardly find options, including the official Prestashop "PrestaShop Checkout module built with PayPal" by Prestashop, they reviewed my case and told me that their module is not compatible with Thirty Bees.

Does anyone know of a module that allows this Paypal functionality of payment in 3 installments? In case there is not, any other online payment platform that can be included in Thirty Bees as a payment method to have payment in instalments?

Thank you in advance and best regards!

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We use stripe, which allows afterpay installments. The TB module is not current with the latest API so you can't just have a pay option in checkout for afterpay. But if they click into stripe, it is presented as an option to finish payment.

I assume TB gets a cut of every payment processed so I am very surprised they have not kept the module up to date.

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I would also like to reiterate that this is an open source module. Everyone is allowed and encouraged to submit fixes, and/or new features.

In this case, some forum user (@Cassim) actually wrote they they are working on a fix for this. I've not seen the PR yet, hopefully they will submit it soon. 

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