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Combinations with virtual product still not possible


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Hi all,
Just installed the latest thirty bees (1.4.0) and when adding a product, making combinations and clicking "Virtual product (services, booking, downloadable products, etc.)"  I get: "You cannot use combinations with a virtual product."

Why is that? It's perfectly normal to have different variations for a downloadable product, say "home", professional", "server" or the like.

please advise.


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  • grbfst changed the title to Combinations with virtual product still not possible
10 hours ago, grbfst said:

What would be an easy fix/hack? Presumably this can be overridden in the code, where should I look? Not afraid to do some PHP hacking.

Sure, go for it. You need to

  1. change database schema to support saving more than one files per product by removing unique key constraint and introducing new join table between product_download and combination table
  2. rewrite virtual product tab view - display list of files, support entry form for new items, and edit form for modification of existing files
  3. modify admin controller and implement saving of data passed from view to (modified) database tables
  4. modify object model for Product class and fix deletion of associated product downloads. Currently we delete only one file, we need to delete all of theme
  5. modify csv import to support importing with multiple downloadable products
  6. extend GetFile controller to support multiple files per order line. For backwards compatibility reasons, you should implement new view to select file to download (if combination id is not sent)
  7. modify email template to send multiple downloadable files
  8. modify theme templates to display multiple downloadable files
  9. review all usage of ProductDownload class in core to ensure nothing was forgotten 
  10. do this all in a way that's backwards compatible and doesn't break anything. Note that changes to core should work on third party themes (tricky one)
  11. create Pull Request of you change so others can benefit from it as well
10 hours ago, grbfst said:

Might I add I asked for this in 2019?

There are a lot of requests for enhancements. Some of them have higher priority than others. As always, I like to remind that this is open source project, and contributions are welcome. You can ask for new feature, but that is definitely not a guarantee that somebody will work on it.  

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Sorry Datakick, I know it's open source. Me being a bit autistic here.

I only need to have the check removed on combinations<>virtual products since I will provide downloads through other means (custom video messages). So there will be no associated product downloads.

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As I wrote before -- combinations for virtual products are allowed in bleeding edge (with the limitation of per-product downloadable file).

If you are ok with this, you can simply update your store to bleeding edge using core updater, and use this functionality right away.

Or manually apply the fix https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/commit/c6e3694becb6f9b8aa8256d3d662e275ce19d179


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