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Google JSON module usage inquiry


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I originally posted this under a different folder, but think it may get missed there.

I'm curious on the module's usage and whether it should be enabled or not on my site. Currently, I use @datakick's reviews module and it works great. Given that information, is there any value in using this JSON module for everything else within it? Can they work together correctly or does it create conflicts that will break SEO?


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While the idea behind this module is nice, I think it has a potential to cause a lot of trouble. And doesn't solve any actual problem, really. 

When you use this module, you should edit your templates and strip all microdata from them. Otherwise, search engines would see two sets of metadata. For product and organization info metadata this is ok, as json+ld format already contains this info.

Problem occurs if you have some module that emits additional metadata (like reviews from revws module, author metadata, FAQ, related content, etc). Because of missing product metadata we just removed, these additional information will not be attributed to anything. And google search console will raise a lot of errors. In this case, the proper solution would be to integrate these third party modules with jsonmodule. Jsonmodule would expose some API that other modules could use to render json-ld metadata. This api does not exists. And even if it did, nobody will modify these third party modules to work with jsonmodule.

So, if you don't use any module that emits metadata, you can use the jsonmodule. The end result will be, however, the same as if you just keep the html based markup 

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