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Products disappear from backoffice


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Hello all.

I HAD a problem with my 30bees and its already solved. I just want to share because it could happen to anyone.

I'm configuring my thirthybees store with all default settings and everything was ok. Then put 1 product and started to translate some modules and mail templates to portuguese.
After that, my product disappear from backoffice, but still available in front store. Try to add another product, but with partial success: product appear in front store with no pictures, and disappear from backoffice completetly.

Tryed to repair instalation, tryed to repair database, tryed to update core, tryed to clean 30bees cache, but nothing resolves. Then, last nigth I accessed backoffice in my mobile phone and the products were there.
This morning, I accessed my backoffice in computer and products disappear again. I clean cache in my browser (Firefox) and products appear again and it's now possible to add pictures.

Cant explain what happened, but clear Firefox cache, resolved my problem.
hope this can help anyone

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