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Wrong taxes for some intra-EU orders using Mollie - can others verify theirs? Also: Where does order_detail_tax get filled from?


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I've noticed that for some intra-EU orders that use the Mollie module the taxes are wrong in some places and correct in others. 

Settings applicable to all examples that follow: I am based in Germany. I use EU Advanced Compliance module (in case relevant) with proportional taxes for shipping. Payment using the Mollie module (not all payments via Mollie are wrong, though).


  • An order from France. The order has items with the standard and with the reduced tax rates. These should be calculated using the French rates.


  1. id_tax in order_detail_tax shows me only one wrong tax id (Germany, reduced) with a wrong unit_amount and total_amount. Where does this get filled from?
  2. tax_name and tax_rate under order_detail show me only wrong German taxes, not Austrian ones.
  3. The tb generated invoice shows me the correct French tax rates.

Where else might I want to check to figure this out?

How to check yourself

The file orders-eu-tax2.php in the excellent Prestools https://www.prestools.com/Prestools_Suite.zip can help you see if there's an issue. Looking at Austria, I can see that 5 orders (column Ordercount) use a tax rate of 7% (column Tax rate), which I know is Germany's reduced tax rate. Austria's reduced tax rate is 10%. You can click on Ordercount to see which orders are affected.



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I did some investigations on this phenomena. I have a customer who made two orders. He provided his VAT number so his intra-EU tariff is zero.

In his first order everything looks correct.

However, for his second order the ps_order_detail table looks correct but the ps_order_detail_tax looks strange. The id_tax and unit_amount fields look as if tax must be paid. However, the total_amount field is zero.

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