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I read an article https://thirtybees.com/developer-blog/creating-google-analytics-goals/#disqus_thread @lesley wrote info how to create a goals.

In my case I don't see goals template. Do you know hot to get it?

Is anyone was using a tag manager and TB or Presta? I am looking to read and save all activities, to see which product people view, which one are clicked to add to card but there is no order. Especially I would like to track guests.

@lesley or someone from TB community if you could to tell more about goals or how to set up goals, data layer for tag manager I would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

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You also need to implement the data layer itself and make sure that enhanced commerce is enabled, not just e-commerce.

for the data layer you've got to populate variables at runtime with the information captured from the page. I've done it before on a Magento site and it's a pain in the arse getting it to work so didn't bother with PrestaShop as I don't need it yet. However, I did find a PrestaShop link for you with someone who has done it: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/618328-variables-for-google-tag-manager/

You need to edit a php file to activate the code and a template file to do the capturing, as shown in his example.

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@alwayspaws unfortunately, the implementation of the data layer is going to be specific to your needs. Sure there'll be generic cases but if this were to built into the core or a module then it'd need some sort of code editor in the back end to enter the variables as there's quite a lot you might want to capture.

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enhanced commerce: https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/6032539?hl=en

Do you have e-commerce tracking turned on? @lesley yes it is enabled and advanced ecommerce too

any idea why it is not visible?

is there any good tutorial or course or specialist who could help with that?

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