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Products not visible in sub-categories



I am testing a new shop as a demo in order to see if I should go from my standard hosted shop CMS to TB. I have products added in a category, as well as two subcategories. They are shown on the shop when I enter the main category, but not in the two subcategories. Any suggestions? Greetings from Denmark!


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@lesley http://kajsmc.web02.maack-it.dk/da/hjelme

Since friday I have actually changed the category folder to only be "Hjelme", (Helmets) but they still only show up in the top category "Motocross beklædning og beskyttelse", even though they are not directly checked off as being in that folder.


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@yaniv14 Ahh I see, that seems to be the problem. I changed the Category name, but the top menu did not adapt. Why is that? I have the same problem with my main menu. The main menu categories are supposed to be Motorcykler, Motocross and Værksted (workshop) as the screenshot here:


But instead of this menu as the back end displayed, the menu at the front end is Motorcykler, motocross and then a sub menu from the Motorcykel category is displayed at the top level: Brugte Motorcykler (Used Motorcycles) as seen below:


Are these problems related then? It seems to me somehow the front end menu does not update according to the structure I am for in the back end?

Thanks for your time and effort!

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