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AEUC v 3.1.0 - Fatal error




I updated AEUC to v 3.1.0. When I click on "Configure", I get the following error:

Fatal error: Class 'AdvancedEUComplianceModule\AeucCMSRoleEmailEntity' not found in /modules/advancedeucompliance/advancedeucompliance.php on line 1851 [PrestaShop] Fatal error in module file :/modules/advancedeucompliance/advancedeucompliance.php: Class 'AdvancedEUComplianceModule\AeucCMSRoleEmailEntity' not found

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In version 3.1.1 I had to fix two files to get it working properly:

1) /modules/advancedeucompliance/classes/AeucEmailEntity.php 2) /modules/advancedeucompliance/views/templates/admin/emailattachmentsform.tpl

In 1) Line 49: changed 'idaeucemail' to 'idmail' in 2) Lines 63, 66, 67: changed '$mail.idaeucemail' to '$mail.idmail'

Otherwise the bankwire module (maybe all other payment methods too) did not work in checkout and the settings (additional e-mail content) in the aeuc module were not saved.

I think in /modules/advancedeucompliance/classes/AeucCMSRoleEmailEntity.php there is a similar bug in line 49 where 'idaeuccmsrole_email' should be changed to 'id'. In my installation I could not see any effects before and after changing it.

Could one of the developers test this and update the module if necessary.

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@mdekker How do I execute the query you mention?

I get a bunch of the following error messages when I visit its configure page:

/vendor/smarty/smarty/libs/sysplugins/smarty_internal_templatebase.php(157) : eval()'d code [8] Undefined index: id_aeuc_email I updated to 3.1.1 and it shows 3.1.1.

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