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Factor's Corner



Hey All:

I wanted to introduce myself..  Couldn't find a "Hello I am" post.  Since most folks here have a Pen or Ghost name you all can call me Factor or Brent.  I have been in the IT world for almost 30 years.  Mostly on the Application side in the the Healthcare IT world.  I was also a emergency room nurse hence the healthcare IT.  I have mostly done SysAdmin or Architect type jobs.  I am not what most would call a programmer or a coder.  I understand networking, posix systems, windows, mac, oracle, and infrastructure.  I am from USA Murfreesboro, Tennessee.  My hobbies include 19th century culture, photography, gunsmithing and anything tech related.  I also love language.  I have studied Mandarin, Thai, Lao, Greek and Arabic only spoken.  Also only enough to get in trouble.  I am Greek by heritage so I am told.  I got into Thirty Bee's because my wife sells quilt fabric. Apparently I am the CIO of the business. :classic_blink: Seems to be a easy to understand and well coded system.  Any way I hope wherever you are you are doing well.  Stay safe.  

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Great to have some SysAdmin aboard, that's another group of problems this forum can help with now!  

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7 hours ago, wakabayashi said:

Nice to have you on board! :classic_smile:

I love open communities... glad to "bee" here...

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7 hours ago, datakick said:

SysAdmin aboard


if you need me to look at a server... just hollar.  I am here to help.

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