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Tips and Tricks - General guide to email and blocklist




I wanted to put this here for others.  It's a good general guide to email and blocklists.  If you are using saas, cloud, or managed hosting you shouldn't need this guide. If you have your own server unmanaged using cpanel, plesk or others you might find it useful.

As always it's a living document.  Feel free to correct or add to it. Hope it helps.

Blacklist Email Guide.docx

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Thanks for the Email Guide. 

We have been evaluating services like Mailgun and I found some of the links in your guide to be very useful. 🙂

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3 hours ago, Signut said:


What makes you want Mailgun?  Plesk has email built in.

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@Factor Agree with you about Plesk. Our interest in Mailgun was for another non Plesk Project and your links helped identify possible causes why some email deliveries were failing (DNS related).   Your .doc was very timely, thanks.


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Definitely the API based mail provider services like mailgun, sendgrid, mailjet, even gmail, rapid etc can all help greatly plus also they dont expose server ip and can manage campaigns and a lot more besides transactional email

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