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  1. Kleijn36

    Help me develop killer One Page Checkout module

    @datakick Mollie has implement the hook displayPaymentEU, when i select ideal it switched back to bankwire payment. I can give you accces if needed.
  2. Kleijn36

    Help me develop killer One Page Checkout module

    @datakick unfortunately the module isn't compatible with my payment module (Mollie) and Shipment module (sendcloud), it doesnt redirect tot the PSP provider. Payment method is visible but cant select it.
  3. Kleijn36

    Siteground GoGeek

    I use the Siteground Grow Big plan, no problems speed and support is good. Only problem is the "Inode Usage" in shared plan, with one production site an 2 copies (work for new theme) the inode usage is on 80% and the function download a backup is disabled. With one production site and one copy no problems.
  4. Kleijn36

    Unwanted Registrations

    Manual fixed the problem in Validate.php. Coreupdater doesn't fix the problem, after update (1.0.8) problem is back.
  5. Kleijn36

    Cutt.us registration spam

  6. Kleijn36

    Unwanted Registrations

    The last few days i have a lot of unwanted customer registrations. It looks that there are some registration bots running, i blocked the IP's but stil new unwanted registrations. In the last name they register a www. domain, how to block this? Is there a solution too not accept "www." in the last name registration?
  7. Kleijn36

    Finaly fully converted

    @toplakdNice 3 steps checkout. I'am very interested in this checkout.
  8. Is there a way to make a cart rule with discount visible on the first page of the checkout proces in TB 1.0.8? The Cart Rule is only visible in the last step "payment". When i go back after visiting the payment section to the first step of the payment proces the Cart Rule is there.
  9. Kleijn36

    Expires Headers

    It takes time and it depends on what you sale. We are now 1,5 years live online and my experience is that i get the most sales from product dat are not longer produced (market is getting empty) and limited releases, with these products my site is on the first page of google. Products that you find anywhere online are hard too sale or you have to invest a lot of money in adwords.
  10. Kleijn36

    Official Mollie Module

    I know @lesly but what when for example DHL has a new release (plugin) with more deliver options and they not release a 1.6 or a TB version in the future. We cant use it. What will be your solution?
  11. Kleijn36

    Official Mollie Module

    The concerns for the future are not only Mollie. What about other API's for example Sendcloud (shipment API) or DHL. You can count on it that they not will not release a new version when Presta Shop 1.6 is in maintance (30 June 2019). The old version keeps working but we cant use the new functions that they will provide. Thirtybees works geat but what will be the solution for all the api based on 1.6
  12. Kleijn36

    Official Mollie Module

    Here also still no problem with mollie 3.3.2 My biggest concern is with all Payment Service Provider (and other API/ Plug-Ins) will they update their api for 1.6 after 30 June 2019 (the maintiance date for presta 1.6) and will it keep working. Iff they al leave 1.6 for what is and no longer support or update their API/Plug-Ins we all have a huge problem in the near future.
  13. Kleijn36

    Tranformer Theme v 3.3.9 Problem with Advanced Banner

    @Jonny Send you PM
  14. Kleijn36

    Tranformer Theme v 3.3.9 Problem with Advanced Banner

    @jonny there is no update for advanced banner module in BO. The module version installed is Advanced banner v1.8.7
  15. After update Tranformer Theme to v 3.3.9 i have a problem with the advanced banner module. I cant add new banner and cant disable the active ones. How to fix this problem?