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  1. My biggest pain points is that already one 3th party modules/API stopped working because they don't longer invest in the PS 1.6 platform. There will be no new updates for PS1.6 or Bug fixes. Sendcloud - Already stopped working. Import date for shipping labels and pick up point selector stopped working. Payment Service Provider Mollie - V3.3.2 works (2018) Newer versions not. DPD Shipping PS1.6 - Not working after Brexit. No new release for PS1.6 Point of Sale system - Planed update june 2021. Dataconnector not longer compatible with p.s. 1.6. The point of sale system runs on the MySQL database of PS1.7/Woo/Magento. (prices/inventory/products) The biggest problem is that we can't go forwards with ThirtyBees because loss of compatibility with these modules in the near future. It is back in time with the increase of sales in the covid pandemi to make all shipping labels by hand. We have made no choise yet but probably Woo. We whised that we can stay on ThrityBees because the more users friendly interface then Woo.
  2. It's hard to say but we have to leave ThityBees because some required module updates like PSP Mollie and more modules updates not working on ThirtyBees (PS1.6 structure). We were verry happy with ThirtyBees and the great support in the forum but we have to move on. We like too thank the crew of TB and all the forum members for the support the past 3 years😪 We wish you all the best.
  3. Sorry to say but there will be no solution. We have the same problem with the API's for Mollie and Sendcloud with TB. see post: We where verry happy with TB but have to move forward to an other platform because we are depending on mollie.
  4. @AndyCOn a Sitegroud Shared host you cant increase the vars by you self, siteground has to change that. We are on the grow big plan and they set mine up to 9000 and we have no problem with generating 2000 pictures. Look at your php.ini file max_input_vars = 9000 zend_extension=/usr/local/php56/lib/php/extensions/ioncube.so zend_extension=/usr/local/php56/lib/php/extensions/ZendOptimizer.so
  5. We have installed Prestools and Migration Pro. For migration data (products/orders etc.) to our new shop i always use MigrationPro, not a cheap module but verry easy to use. Make a clean TB install in a sub domain and install the module in the new shop and start with the migration. How to do this with Prestools you have to ask @musicmaster
  6. In our shop we use different carriers with different prices and cart rules for discount on the carriers for selected catagories. The dropdown cart has problems with calculating the right cart rule/shipment and cart total. The customer sees the drop down cart total with shipment and without the cart rule what gives my shop a lot of abandoned carts. So we ONLY want the total of products in the top right cart and in the dropdown cart (without shipment and cart rules). We managed to comment out the lines for shipment and cart rules in the drop down but it still calculate the shipment and cart rulle. What do i need to change to get only the total of products in the top right and the drop down total? - TB Bleeding Edge - Panda Theme (blockcart_mod)
  7. @DRMasterChief Occam is talking about the install of a NEW template i think (not update the shop) I had the same experience with a clean TB 1.1.0 install and Panda Theme. After install the theme i had to activate every single theme module.
  8. Go to: Localization -> Languages and select a language. Here you can upload the image.
  9. I found an other problem with this module and the Panda theme, duplicate images/products in the drop down cart. Uninstalled the checkout module and the problem is still there in de drop down cart in the Panda theme. Is this problem caused by the "Cart block mod" module of the Panda theme?? I did a test with the Niara theme and found no problem with the checkout module.
  10. Just installed "SendCloud" module and found a problem in the carriers selection, we use this module to give the customer Pick up point delivery. When you select the carrier "pick up" in the original 5 and 1 step checkout a new button pops up to select your pick up point. In the Chex checkout the carrier selection closed an there is no option to select a pick up point. ice_video_20191016-153244.webm
  11. We are busy with the last translations for emails, for some emails it is possible to translate the email subject but not for all. Is it possible to make the others with no email subject field translatable in the next release or update?
  12. Problem solved. Changed the smarty caching type from MySQL to file sytem and everthing is working fine now. Thanks @Jonny
  13. @Jonny On my live site we use the Transformer Theme, in the past with TB 1.7 no problems with enable/disable a banner in the stadadvancedbanner module. With TB 1.8./Transformer we can enable a banner but after enable it is not longer possible to disable it. On my test server (clean install) TB 1.1.0 and Panda Theme V1.5.0. We can not disable a banner in the stbanner module. Changes i make in the backoffice of the stbanner (images/text) are saved in the backoffice but nothing changed in the front.
  14. Same result after uninstall / reinstall. @Jonny please fix this for the TB panda theme?
  15. On my test server installed TB 1.1.0 and Panda Theme V1.5.0 we can not disable the banner or make changes in the banner, images and text does not update. On my live site TB 1.8.0-1.0.X and Transformer Theme we can enable an already used banner and change it but not disable it. IS this TB or Theme related? With debug on and try to delete the banner:
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