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  1. IT works!!! Just to make this on an override to not loose the changes when upgrading the module maybe can be useful for any other locale is not on the list 🙂
  2. Try to help myself .. 🙂 Maybe I was looking the wrong place ... i checked through module's classes ansd controllers, but i think the right file is the paypal.php on the module's root ... i find out and add or change the iso code as follow on the functions getLocaleByIso and hoockPayment public static function getLocaleByIso($iso) { switch (strtolower($iso)) { case 'it': return 'it_IT'; case 'fr': return 'fr_FR'; case 'hk': return 'zh_HK'; case 'cn': return 'zh_CM'; case 'tw': return 'zh_TW'; case 'xc': return 'zh_XC'; case 'dk': return 'da_DK'; case 'nl': return 'nl_NL'; case 'gb': return 'en_GB'; case 'de': return 'de_DE'; case 'il': return 'he_IL'; case 'id': return 'id_ID'; case 'jp': return 'ja_JP'; case 'no': return 'no_NO'; case 'pt': return 'pt_PT'; case 'pl': return 'pl_PL'; case 'ru': return 'ru_RU'; case 'es': return 'es_ES'; case 'se': return 'sv_SE'; case 'th': return 'th_TH'; case 'tr': return 'tr_TR'; default: return 'en_US'; } } and here .... public function hookPayment($params) { $isoLang = [ 'en' => 'en_US', 'it' => 'it_IT', 'fr' => 'fr_FR', 'de' => 'de_DE', 'nl' => 'nl_NL', ]; $this->context->smarty->assign( [ 'logos' => PayPalLogos::getLogos($this->getLocale()), static::LIVE => \Configuration::get(static::LIVE), 'use_mobile' => true, 'PayPal_lang_code' => (isset($isoLang[$this->context->language->iso_code])) ? $isoLang[$this->context->language->iso_code] : 'it_IT', 'params' => $params, ] ); Following some more change for express and plus checkout ... this is only for standard I don't know if is working now ... i will update the post if solved after tested(and maybe publish an "how to^ with step by step on the italian forum if somebody find my same problem) ....
  3. Hi, all, I have a question about this small problem : we are selling only for the italian market, only IT language activated and using the default paypal module with TB 1.0.8, but our italian customer get redirected to an english version of the Paypal checkout page ... Only payment standard is activated, no express checkout i contacted the Paypal tecnical support for help thinking maybe some configuration to change on their side, but they answered that on my integration i have to insert or change the variable LOCALCODE passed during the API call .... I checked with no result where this variable is set.... or there is some configuration i miss? anyone can help me to find the way to set this variable correctly so to get the correct language ( italian ) checkout page on paypal? Thanks in advance for yours suggestion!
  4. @dynambee this was my solution to the same problem ... if i understand it right :) but i did on TB 1.08 with a modified copy of community theme default , i don't know for niara theme and TB 1.1 ... if you like my solution i can upload a copy of the modified category.tpl to make a compare vith the same on niara and maybe do yourself the needed change (its very simple change)
  5. @grestart ... not sure if it can help ... Prestatoolbox is signed here as a Thirty Bees compatible module developer, they have on their site a module called Block Multi languages / Multi domain for PS 1.5 / 1.6, that i think is aimed to do what you need, the counterpart is that the module is not updated from many years (2016), and (i bought this module for a friend in 2015) if you are not skilled a bit on Multishop and creating subdomain (you must own both domain.com and domain.de) it is also not easy to implement ... I don't know if the developer likes to upgrade that module and make it compatible for TB (you can cotact to him and ask), but i think this is why he is signed on the partners page, and it is not a free module ... 🙂
  6. Tks @wakabayashi , beeing on a shared hosting (a small one, fine tuned for prestashop ...), and using only tb cache and CCC, no cdn, no other cache type, your comment make me relax a bit, cause the speed was one of my concern i wanted ear about.... anyway i must thanks al the TB staff for that ... they did really a great job ....
  7. wow! thanks @jnsgioia, beeing it "handmade" with little knowledge, i really like your comment ... any criticism or suggestion?
  8. Solved!!! regenerating the images does the trick and now the module shows the product photo correctly ... tks @datakick
  9. @jnsgioia yes, i'm in manteinance mode cause i'm regenerating all images ... with more than 1000 products i think it will take half an hour more ... sorry for trouble .... but i'm glad if you like to come back in a short while ... any opinion from this forum is important for me! Tks for visiting!!!
  10. Thanks @datakick for pointing me in the right direction .... ... this afternoon i will try to move all image to new file sistem, hoping this is goig to solve the issue the strange is that looking at source code:on my local environment everythings seems correct <img class="img-responsive center-block" srcset=" http://localhost/vendita/2563-6039-home_default_smallest/copricuscino-smile-poltrona-1-posto.jpg 211w, http://localhost/vendita/2563-6039-home_default_smaller/copricuscino-smile-poltrona-1-posto.jpg 218w, http://localhost/vendita/2563-6039-home_default/copricuscino-smile-poltrona-1-posto.jpg 250w" sizes="(min-width: 1200px) 250px, (min-width: 992px) 218px, (min-width: 768px) 211px, 250px" alt="COPRICUSCINO SMILE 1 POSTO" title="COPRICUSCINO SMILE 1 POSTO" itemprop="image" width="250" height="250" > this make me little crazy about ... anyway i'll let you know after the appllying the suggested steps ... Tks again!
  11. Hi all, first of all i want to thanks everyone is contributing to make TB the best ecommerce out there!!!! i just fully migrated our shop to TB and we're finally online with this old Ps shop: https://www.mudrashop.com ... modified a bit the look of the community theme ... ii'll love to hear your toughts about, if you see any criticism or if you have any suggestion ... Tks you all!
  12. @datakick beeing very busy on last weeks and haven't the time to update regarding my problem with the missing product photo when making a review ... I tried both ways: 1 - created image type home for products (there wasn't any home image type on my shop, maybe i deleted at the time i delete the old image type leaving only the _default type) and regenerating all products image, cleared cache, the problem persists, no product image showing on making revws popup ... 2 - Tried to modifiy the file front-app.php changhing at line 324 from: $image = $link->getImageLink($rewrite, $imageId, ImageType::getFormatedName('home')); to $image = $link->getImageLink($rewrite, $imageId, ImageType::getFormatedName('home_default')); deleted the file class_index.php on the cache folder, reset the module, even uninstalled and reinstalled, but same result ... product photo still not showing ... maybe it depends on the path to the image, but i'm not a developer ... trying to my best with my little code understanding .... this is how it looks the link to the image from the revws popup: https://www.mudrashop.com/7327-home_default/telo-mare-90x165-cm-spugna-jacquard-stelle-marine-home-sweet-home.jpg this is how it looks the llink of the same product from the category page https://www.mudrashop.com/4134-7327-home_default/telo-mare-90x165-cm-spugna-jacquard-stelle-marine-home-sweet-home.jpg from the product page the link it looks like this: https://www.mudrashop.com/4134-7327-thickbox_default/telo-mare-90x165-cm-spugna-jacquard-stelle-marine-home-sweet-home.jpg It looks to me is a problem with the product id, only the attribute id is called .... but here i'm stuck! Any more idea how to solve the problem? Tks in advance for any suggestion and help ....
  13. I also had some problem after updating blocktopmenu and downgaraded to 3.0.2 .... Tks to @datakick ... new version 3.04 works perfect!
  14. Hi @datakik, thank you for this wonderfull module! One question, i cannot see the image of the product being reviewed (... anywere:) ...) as you can see from screenshoot I still use images in legacy mode, the old sistem, can this be the cause? If so, can you suggest what and where i have to adjust to solve it? .... i have last version of the module and TB 1.0.8, with community theme reinvented a bit .... Tks again for your job!
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