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  1. Theo

    Any news on Lesley?

    He himself mentioned this in a thread. Community all wished him well here. So... Is it crazy asking how the guy is doing? Not asking for private info bytw.
  2. Theo

    Any news on Lesley?

    The reason is that he as come out and mentioned this himself (in the thread included below). This comes from a genuine sense of caring and well-wishes from myself and it seems from others. Unfortunately, it's now become awkward... All we wanted to know is how he is doing (not private specifics of course). He happens to be a big part of TB... It's great that you guys are missing the point here...
  3. Theo

    Any news on Lesley?

    Hehehe. Look, I asked 18+ hours ago. I think it's reasonable to do a follow up, to keep this post / thread alive. If you want to make a comment, you can ask the team guys why they haven't bothered to reply?
  4. Theo

    Any news on Lesley?

    Can the team give us an update please? @datakick @Traumflug @wakabayashi @lesley
  5. Theo

    Any news on Lesley?

    Hi I'm sure many of us are wondering how Lesley is doing? Can we have an update please?
  6. Yeah, any news on @lesley? I'm sure we're all curious how he's doing? Best wishes to Lesley and for a speedy recovery.
  7. Thanks @lesley and @Traumflug for the feedback here And for the original DH42 email (Lesley) 😉
  8. As @Traumflug mentioned, search for a folder with the name phpunit if you find it, you can delete the phpunit folder and all its content. Also, I think it's safe to assume that "upgraded PS 1.6 to TB sites" could be at risk here also.
  9. Right, obviously. Lol... I think when something like this comes up, it's easy to panic automatically and risk not seeing things 100%. To quote myself: 😊
  10. If there are no folders, but the phpunit.xml file comes up? vendor\greenlion\phpunit.xml vendor\swiftmailer\phpunit.xml
  11. Ummm. I think the TB admin guys need to reply here pls... Just doing a quick search on my local TB 1.1.0 install and I'm getting phpunit.xml in multiple locations. @GotaborTry doing a search just for the file "phpunit.xml" and see if something comes up? TB admins, some feedback pls?
  12. Hi I've received a mail for DH42 about a new PrestaShop Security Vulnerability that affects all versions of PS. Can you guys please inform us if this applies to TB? This is the "more info" doc from PS https://docs.google.com/document/d/1D76Lj93gw-XZ8GgV8UzK6Oi6u5qLxLDEsC2298Go-as/edit#heading=h.tjhj04l5p8kk
  13. Hi @rubben1985 Nope, as mentioned in this post, Panda+TB+LiteSpeed cache does not work together at the moment. I've reached out to both developers (Panda+LiteSpeed) and they've mentioned that they would like to fix this eventually. However, as they are both pretty busy I'm not sure when this will be. Will update this thread when I hear more.
  14. Just an update on this: Awesomely, both @Jonny and Lauren from LiteSpeed have shown willingness to make TB Panda compatible with the LiteSpeed plugin! 😁 Big thanks in advance to both of them. It now all depends on workload on their sides, as they are both currently focused on other projects. Will update this post when I've heard of any progress.
  15. It's worth experimenting. But I'm not sure if it will work. One thing that I did notice is that it caches the user name that is logged in (in the top bar, front-end, shop side). So I'm not sure if telling LSCache to not cache the 'Login' module will stop this from happening. Either way, I'm waiting to hear back from @Jonny and the plugin developer.
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