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  1. Excellent! This is working, thank you 🙂 I assume that this patch is included in 30Bz Bleeding Edge (1.1.x+), hence the reason you didn't encounter it in your initial round of testing?
  2. it looks like this: http://localhost/development/local-dev-sites/new-onlinecopiers/coffee-and-tea/tea/bee-hive/tea
  3. Windows on Xampp PHP 7.2. However, the URL seems to be correct and the other options {tags}, {reference} seem to work just fine...
  4. I've checked this on a fresh install of TB 1.1.0 as well as an upgraded test install from 1.08 to 1.1.0 And I'm still getting this problem.... seems like it has something to do with {manufacturer:/}
  5. This is odd... I'm running TB 1.1.0 and haven't made any other SEO Route changes... If I use {tags} instead of manufacturer - it works. Weird. But as soon as I use {manufacturer:/} it breaks... Even though the manufacturer exists and the path looks correct in the address bar. Eeek...
  6. Weird, I'm still getting 404... (cleared cache, generated new htaccess) Am I missing a step? Is there a 're-index' I need to do somewhere? Have you tried this on your local?
  7. Thanks, I've done this - but no change... (New htaccess, Cleared TB cache, Browser cache = nadda )
  8. Hi Interesting that this doesn't handle multi-language. I understand your frustration. In my case, the problem was that it wouldn't update the feature on CSV import, it would keep on adding values to it. Hence the 'solution' above that effectively nukes the product features every time there is an import and replaces the features with the new ones specified in the CSV import. Impact on multi-lang wasn't even a thought... I guess my question to you is: is the reason you were looking at this post because you were using the free module "Advanced Feature values" as above? Because the reason the CSV import would add and not replace feature values is because of the functionality added by this module. If you're not using this module, then the modifications above are not necessary - and could possibly cause unnecessary headaches. Anyway, I know this is an older post, just thought I'd provide some feedback.
  9. Hi I'm trying to add the manufacturer to the Product route, like so: {categories}{/:manufacturer:/}{rewrite} The URL appears to be correct, and the product URL seems to reflect the new URL... But I keep on getting 404... What am I doing wrong here? Your help is appreciated.
  10. Hi guys Just out of curiosity: Any update on incorporating this into TB? And how do we get it into TB? @Traumflug
  11. Interesting... so the download and run "For_a4.php" file step is not necessary if you're running Panda v1 for 30Bz?
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