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Attributes from different categories - possible not as combinations?


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I have two attribute categories, one "Pieces" and one "Weight".

For a certain product that is available both as poweder and as capsules, I would like to have one attribute with "100 capsules" and one with "100g".

This means each attribute would be from a different attribute category. The customer can select whether they'd like to buy the product as capsules or as powder.

100 capsules is the default attribute. This means it's automatically pre-selected.

If a customer clicks on 100g, both 100 capsules and 100g are selected and I get the message: "This combination does not exist for this product. Please select another combination."

But these two shouldn't be combination attributes, they should be individually selectable.

Am I doing something wrong or is this just how tb works? If so, does that mean I would need to have the two attributes in one category and not spread across two categories?

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OK, thanks. So to make sure I understood: Having values under different attributes (=attribute categories) means the system wants to make these into combinations. If I do not want that, they need to be values under the same attribute. Then I will change my implementation.

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